Tuesday, November 30th, 2021 
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5 Apps For Brushing Your Teeth

5 Brushing Apps for your Family

Are you looking for ways to educate yourself or your children about going to the dentist, how long you’re brushing, or even keeping track of oral hygiene milestones like dental checkups and when to change your toothbrush? There’s an app for that. Here are a few that you can can try out. As always, adults - check them out before you let your kids play with them in case there is something your child has a question on, although they might be able to figure it out before you any way!

Tiny Dentist

Tiny Dentist by Gametects is a fun and interactive way to get kids involved in understanding what goes on during dental treatment. Kids can “treat” each patient in the app, who may need anything from a regular cleaning and fixing some bad breath to extractions, fillings and even advanced (and adult-focused) procedures like teeth whitening and dental implants.

Virtual Dentist

Virtual Dentist by ModiFace is made for older children and even adults.  You can use the in-app photos or upload one of your own.  This app allows you to experiment with different types of treatment options so you can see before and after results. This feature is great for kids and adults to see what they might look like with braces or a retainer.  You can save the results and even use the social sharing features to find out what your friends think.

Brusheez Tooth Brushing Timer

Brusheez by Shondicon is a toothbrushing timer app for younger kids.  You can customize up to two characters in the free version, or more with in-app purchases.   If your own little monster is missing any baby teeth, you can make their character match, as well as choose colors for toothbrushes, hair, and jammies. You can adjust the timer to more or less than 2 minutes.  The “Everybody Needs to Brush Their Teeth” song, timer and brushing technique demonstration on the monster are fun to listen to and watch while brushing to make sure kids do a thorough job.

Disney Magic Timer

Disney and Oral-B collaborated to create this toothbrushing app for kids.  Your child can select their favorite Disney or Marvel Comics character and the type of toothbrush they use.  The app features a brushing technique demonstration, a 30-second reminder to switch mouth quadrants, and also reveals a new disney themed image over the two-minute period.  More features are available if you use Oral-B products and scan them into the app.


This is the first (and possibly only) app we found that can be fun to use for people of all ages!  Rocking out to your favorite music while you brush can definitely help those two minutes to go by more quickly. The website and YouTube videos focus on the educational aspects of prevention and good brushing habits, and the app helps to put it all together while making brushing fun.  You can choose your tunes, or let BrushDJ do it for you.  The app also features helpful reminders for your next dental and hygiene visits, and will remind you when it’s time to replace your toothbrush.

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